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Effective Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Straw Usage

Use a refillable water bottle. DIY your cleaning products- use a mixture of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water as an all-purpose spray cleaner (storing it in a reused spray bottle) and produce wash. Try natural beeswax coated cloth wraps instead of plastic cling film. Buy necessary plastic items used instead of new. Eat ice cream in a cone! Seriously, single-use plastic items like ice cream spoons account for more than 40 percent of plastic waste, and each year about 8.8 million tons of plastic trash flows into the ocean. And that waste endangers wildlife. But solving the plastic problem can be as easy as getting your sweet treat in a cone.

7. Support a bag tax or ban. Urge your elected officials to follow the lead of those in San Francisco, Chicago, and close to 150 other cities and counties by introducing or supporting legislation. Here are four policy and legal approaches from UNEP and WRI's guide that countries can use to reduce their plastic waste permanently: 1. Single-use Plastic Bans. Bans and restrictions on single-use plastic products (that directly prohibit their production, distribution or use) are some of the most widely used and successful legal mechanisms by.

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Opt for soap and shampoo bars instead of buying their liquid counterparts that come in plastic bottles. When buying multiple items online, request the vendor to ship everything together. Or.

Here are a few tips to reduce microplastics in your life: Install alaundry filter. Clothing is one of the world's largest sources of pollution. Most of your clothing probably has polyester or.

Most pocket-sized packs of tissues are wrapped in plastic. Buy a (cardboard) box of tissues and take a few from there each day and pop them in your pocket. There are boxes available that don't have the little bit of plastic around the opening now too.

In recent years, there have been many products emerging that can help reduce plastic waste for your menstrual routine such as period underwear, reusable fabric pads, and menstrual cups. 6. Swap Out your Plastic Toothbrush. It is estimated that about 1 billion toothbrushes are thrown away each year in the US alone.

Avoid products containing plastic microbeads by looking for "polythelene" and "polypropylene" on the ingredient labels of your cosmetic products (find a list of products containing microbeads here ). 6. Spread the Word. Stay informed on issues related to plastic pollution and help make others aware of the problem.

2) Cancel your Amazon Prime subscription and shop locally instead. Amazon has long been one of the highest contributors to packaging waste worldwide. In 2020 alone, the company generated nearly.

Here are eight small tips Singer and Kellogg have for reducing plastic in major ways. 1. Bring your own bags and containers to the grocery store. Forget paper or plastic. Invest in a few reusable.

To reduce unnecessary plastic consumption, you can consider the following: 1) Avoid single-use plastics. This will reduce plastic waste and increase the demand for improving product and packaging design. Reduce your plastic usage by bringing your bag to the shop and buying loose produce and bulk in jars and reusable containers whenever possible.

Here's our nine top tips: 1. Carry a reusable bottle. In the UK we use over 35 million plastic bottles every day! Carrying a reusable bottle is a great way to cut your plastic use and save money too! There's even an app that tells you where you can refill your bottle for free! 2. Say no to plastic straws.

1. Follow the "5-R" Rule. Here's a fun little "rule" to remember: Reduce, Refuse, Reuse then Recycle. Reduce: First and foremost, REDUCE plastic usage. Find alternatives you can use instead. Lucky for you, this article is packed with simple and practical ways you can cut out plastic in your life.

2. Ditch disposables. If your trash can is filling up with plastic silverware, cups, straws, and plates, then you're not only adding plastic to the landfills and waterways but throwing your.

Treehugger / Lesly Junieth. Speaking of refillable, bringing your own thermos for to-go coffee is another way to reduce your plastic footprint. Disposable coffee cups might look like paper but.

Reducing and Reusing Basics. The most effective way to reduce waste is to not create it in the first place. Making a new product emits greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change and requires a lot of materials and energy - raw materials must be extracted from the earth, and the product must be fabricated then transported to wherever it.

Avoid tea bags and use a tea strainer. Plastic tea bags can release about 11 billion microplastics into a single cup of tea! Even paper teabags contain a small amount of polypropylene, which makes them non-recyclable and non-compostable. Buying loose tea in bulk and using a tea infuser or strainer is a zero-waste way to enjoy a cup!

6. Avoid Glitter. Glitter is made of either PVC or PET (both types of plastic). If you've ever spilled glitter or worked with it, then you'll know that it's extremely hard to clean up. Once spilled, glitter can rest in the air or in your room, contributing to the microplastics problem. 7.

Consider taking washable bags to the supermarket for your loose fruit and veg, such as those made by Carrinet. 3. Scope out good local suppliers. A butcher, fishmonger, grocer, market vendor and baker are all much more likely to supply you with food that isn't overly packaged. Meat and fish stay fresher in paper than they do in plastic, and.

16 Use a Bamboo Toothbrush. Image Source: Pick a bamboo toothbrush over a typical plastic one to consciously reduce environmental harm while still keeping your pearly whites shiny and.

Choose to reuse and give some of the packaging a new purpose. If you have no choice but to buy a plastic bottle or a plastic container at the supermarket, reuse it instead of throwing it away. A bottle can be filled up as many times as you like and containers can be used to store other food. * Source: Greenpeace.

Remember, plastic was only invented a little over 100 years ago. This isn't how we've always lived, and it doesn't have to be our future. Here are four steps you can take to minimize your plastic.

Use less water. Try to reduce your shower time to between 5 and 10 minutes. Turn off the water when shampooing or scrubbing. Take fewer baths as well, since they can consume more water than a short shower. When you brush your teeth, turn off the faucet between soaking and rinsing the brush. 6.

5 Ways to Reduce Your Use of Single-Use Plastics. October 9, 2020. Our biggest tip: reuse, reuse, reuse! By investing in quality reusable products, you'll protect the environment and save yourself and your family money. Popular substitutes for single-use plastic products are easily accessible, but try not to engage in them sporadically.

Here are some of the most effective ways to reduce your personal plastic use: Find items at home that can be repurposed. Upcycling and repurposing products is one of the best ways to reduce long-term plastic use. The plastic coffee cup you got can be turned into a pen holder for your desk, and the plastic bags from the grocery store can be used.

16. Empty and scrape out the food or materials from all bottles, jars, containers and cans before putting in the recycling bin. 17. Know your numbers. Plastic bottles and jugs with #1 or #2 on the bottom are recyclable. 18. Recycle all clean paper and all clean, flattened cardboard boxes. 19.

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