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Tips For Reducing Your Household Single Use Plastics

If you have a good life hack, leave us a voicemail at 202-216-9823, or email us at Your tip could appear in an upcoming episode. If you love Life Kit and want more, subscribe to. The fight against plastic waste starts with individual action. These are some simple steps to seriously reduce your plastic use right now. 1. Carry Reusable Shopping Bags. TreeHugger recommends carrying a reusable shopping bag with you, which could reduce your plastic usage by more than 300 bags per year.

5 Ways to Reduce Your Use of Single-Use Plastics. October 9, 2020. Our biggest tip: reuse, reuse, reuse! By investing in quality reusable products, you'll protect the environment and save yourself and your family money. Popular substitutes for single-use plastic products are easily accessible, but try not to engage in them sporadically. Switching to bar soap is a great alternative, and eco-friendly brands like Lush provide top-of-the-line shampoo, conditioner and body wash bars that will help you cut down on plastic use in your shower. Tampons: Tampons bad for the environment and the risk of TSS is enough to make anyone switch to a better product.

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Reduce Your Single Use  Solid Waste

1. Reduce Waste. If you are looking for ways to make your household more sustainable, reducing waste is a great place to start. Start by cutting down on single-use plastic items such as water bottles, straws, and shopping bags. To cut down on food waste, create a meal plan that uses ingredients already in the house or switch to buying groceries.

2) Cancel your Amazon Prime subscription and shop locally instead. Amazon has long been one of the highest contributors to packaging waste worldwide. In 2020 alone, the company generated nearly.

14. Bars of soap. Making the switch from shower gel to bars of soap is an easy way to reduce consumption of single-use plastics. Bar soaps come in different blends to suit body washing, face wash, shampoo and shaving, so your line-up of bottles may become a line-up of bars.

Increased landfill levies. Invest in alternatives to plastic for the agricultural, viticultural, horticultural and construction industries. Invest in community-run resource recovery. Invest public funding according to the zero waste hierarchy (i.e. waste prevention and reduction before recycling and disposal).

Here's some tips from Regenerative on how to save money on running these household appliances efficiently. Make sure you always run full loads; a smaller load takes the same amount of energy as a larger one. Dry clothing outside whenever possible on a line or clothes rack. If you are using an electric or gas dryer, don't overload it or it.

Tips for Home. The best place to start making a difference is right in your own home. Learn how you can reduce, reuse, and recycle materials to decrease household waste. The tips below will help you get started. Lawn and Garden. Learn to compost at home. Use food scraps, yard trimmings, and other organic wastes to create a compost pile.

You can also use the air conditioner's timer function to make sure it comes on at the right time. Set your air con at the highest temperature setting at which you still feel cool enough (24 or 25ºC is usually adequate). Each 1°C increase of the thermostat setting will save about 10% on your energy usage.

Consider taking washable bags to the supermarket for your loose fruit and veg, such as those made by Carrinet. 3. Scope out good local suppliers. A butcher, fishmonger, grocer, market vendor and baker are all much more likely to supply you with food that isn't overly packaged. Meat and fish stay fresher in paper than they do in plastic, and.

15 painless ways to reduce your home's energy use. Perspective by Kevin Brasler. March 15, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. EDT. For an average-sized Washington-area home, setting the thermostat at 68 degrees.

10. Homemade dishwasher detergent. Homemade dishwasher detergent takes a few simple ingredients and can be stored in a canning jar under your sink. 11. Buying in bulk. Reuse cloth drawstring bags to buy food from bulk bins. Write the bin number on the bag with a washable fabric pen. 12. Reusable grocery bags.

1. Follow the "5-R" Rule. Here's a fun little "rule" to remember: Reduce, Refuse, Reuse then Recycle. Reduce: First and foremost, REDUCE plastic usage. Find alternatives you can use instead. Lucky for you, this article is packed with simple and practical ways you can cut out plastic in your life.

Ideas on How to Reduce and Reuse. Think Green Before You Shop. Reduce associated greenhouse gas emissions by thinking green when you shop. Reduce your food waste by shopping smart, buying what you need, composting food scraps, and donating unused food to food banks or shelters. More ways to reduce your impact. Reuse or repurpose items such as old clothing, cloth grocery bags, and containers to.

Household items. When it comes to things around your house like soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, cosmetics, razors and toothbrushes, they all come in single-use plastic containers.

1. Air dry laundry. Washing and drying clothing is responsible for around 12% of household electricity use in the UK. Hand washing is frequently suggested as an energy-saving alternative to.

This convenient travel-size lotion case is also cute and compact: a real win-win. 5. Swap dryer sheets for wool dryer balls. In the laundry room, there are many opportunities for reusable and eco-friendly swaps. One of the easiest is trading out single-use dryer sheets for reusable wool dryer balls.

Every room in the house has things made from plastic. From single-use food wrapping in the kitchen to the polyester fibres in our clothing. It's even in the things we can't see, such as modern plumbing and drainage systems. But we can take steps to reduce plastic use and in certain cases, avoid plastic altogether.

Set the temperature to 68 degrees Fahrenheit in the colder months, and you can even set it a few degrees lower when you're out of the home or asleep. Turning the AC or heat to these recommended temperatures can save you up to 10% on electricity bills yearly. 3. Turn Out the Lights. It's the oldest trick in the book of ways to save energy.

Baggu Nylon Ripstop Totes (3-Pack) Baggu's kitschy, colorful totes are a fun way to add reusable grocery bags into your rotation. They're made with durable ripstop nylon, and the thick.

Save Energy, Money, and the Environment. 1. Ease up on the AC. Air conditioning accounts for about 17% of the average household's annual electric use, and obviously far more during the summer months. If you ordinarily spend your summer weekdays in an air-conditioned workplace, your home energy use may spike even higher in coming weeks.

Make use of energy monitors. Keeping track of your energy use is probably one of the best ways to minimize your household's electricity consumption, and it can easily be achieved with the help of energy monitors. Once they are connected to your home's electricity meter, they can give you an insight into how much energy is actually being.

2. When doing laundry, make sure to use cold water. Doing two loads of laundry weekly in cold water instead of hot or warm water can save up to 500 pounds of carbon dioxide each year. 3. Line-dry your clothes. Skipping the dryer can reduce the carbon footprint of your clothing by as much as 33%! 4. When shopping for appliances, consider energy.

Tips to Reduce Single-Use Plastic. Here are some recommendations to reduce your plastic and clean your home and the earth. 1. Stop Buying Bottled Water. In the UK, 13 million plastic water bottles are used every year. And only 7.7 million bottles are recycled. Generally, plastic bottles are made from the chemical Bisphenol-A.

Swapping single-use straws for stainless steel, carrying washable shopping bags, and investing in sleek reusable water bottles are becoming commonplace. Here are some other easy-to-apply tips for reducing single-use plastic waste in every area of your household. The Kitchen: Rethink Food Packaging

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